Since 1868, we’ve been serving our communities, our states, and our country.

The works of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks are well known throughout the Country. Organized on February 16, 1868; we are the largest American Benevolent Organization.

The order of Elks is dedicated to service our communities and our Country. We are a charitable order and are dedicated to helping those who are less fortunate and in need.

We are committed to the youth of our communities, Veterans Service, furtherance of Americanism and many other benevolent activities.

Elks are building a better future for our youth. We develop after school programs throughout the U.S., and those young people are partners in the Elks community service programs.

We believe in helping others, but we also believe in having fun. Often we manage to combine the two. Being a part of the Elks means you enjoy doing good works, and enjoy doing them with your family and friends.

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Why Become an Elk?

There are many reasons to become a member of the Elks, just some are listed below:

  • We Elks are a nationwide, fraternal organiztion of over a million American citizens. We love our country and desire to preserve its cherished institutions, traditions and values.
  • The active social club activities offer an outstanding opportunity to meet and cultivate lifelong friendships and networks within the community.
  • The Elks Lodge affords you the opportunity to join your neighbors and friends and take a prominent role in improving our community life.
  • We vow to help each other become better and happier persons. We believe in not merely wishing each other well but in manifesting this belief by deeds seeking to server rather than to be served.
  • We question no one’s religion nor do we exclude anyone because of creed, race, ethnic origin, educational attainment, vocation, marital status, or physical stature.
  • Through our local lodge, district, state and national programs, we provide healthful activities, guidance and assistance to over eight million boys and girls every year.
  • We seek to bring into our fraternal family only those who delight in wholesome associations with congenial companions. Persons who find the fulfillment of their existence to humanity.
  • Membership is recognized at all lodges across the nation. Visitors are welcomed and encouraged.
  • Elks are active in your community

How to join?